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This blog follows the future of media and ad technologies, bridging the gap between geekdom and advertising since 2004.
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Illustration: Mars's Skittles in Darkened Skye

Darkened Skye, published by Simon & Schuster in November 2002, developed by Boston Animation. Gamespot: "The core concept behind Darkened Skye, a fairly straightforward fantasy action adventure game, is probably one of the most peculiar in a while. The game was originally intended as a vehicle for the Skittles line of candies, and more specifically, as an extension of the Skittles commercials where Skittles-loaded rainbows would bring life and color to otherwise drab fantasy settings." This is an interesting and a rare example of a brand integrated into a fantasy environment, generally considered off-limits to advertisers. To this end, the developer tapped into popular culture built around Skittles and the brand's "Rainbow commercials" and presented the brand under a humorous angle. While the game scored low for its technical glitches and simplistic gameplay, the gamers' reaction to the Skittles theme is generally positive, as illustrated by this comment left on an online forum: "At first I was like "What the.. Skittles" and then I got the comedy. The game is extremely easy to enjoy when you see all the spoofs from comercials down to movies in it. Some people still cant see past the skittle spoof. Get over it! the game has many more spoofs than just that. After a while it became a games of subconcience inteligance to me. the more I played the more I see subliminal spoofs as just laughed the entire time." - User Rauskavich at a game-related forum. Resources:
  • Online forum discussion at gamecube.stationplay.com. Accessed online on December 16, 2005
  • Review for the GameCube version of Darkened Skye at Gamespot.com. Accessed online on December 16, 2005.

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