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This blog follows the future of media and ad technologies, bridging the gap between geekdom and advertising since 2004.
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Second Life: Advertising Networks and Services

Known ad networks in Second Life:
  • MetaAdverse by Rathe Underthorn (both RL website and SL location; will take snapshop; see write-up in AdLab).
  • Wolhaven Advertising Network by Traven Sachs (see ad on SLexchange; will explore functionality).
Many in-game media are also looking to attract advertisers by selling air time and ad space. Here's an offer posted on SLexchange by for ad time on Seijaku Live TV (contact Escort LeFarge): "Seijaku now offers LIVE STREAM ADVERTISING on Seijaku LIVE TV! Channel. This voucher entitles you to 4 weeks advertisting. What are the advantages of a Live Stream? 1. Everyone sees the same thing at the same time. 2. The channel playlist can be dynamically updated without the TV owner ever having to "retune" in-world. 3. Reduced in-world startup delay. You may create and deliver your advertisement as a Flash Presentation, a QuickTIme movie, or as MP4! In order to ensure adequate exposure, Seijaku will only host 20 rolling advertisements at any one time. Your presentation must last no longer than 60 seconds." Creative ad production services are also emerging (post on SL Exchange by Dominik Bauer) : "You hereby purchase a certificate for a professional sound image production for your business in SL. After your purchase you need to contact Dominik Bauer in world or use the contact button provided by SL exchange. You need to tell me what you want in your comercial/promo/jingle/drop/etc and I will produce it asap. Impressions of my work can be found here - just click the links on this page and listen to the spot in your mp3 player." Foolish Frost has developed a set of marquee displays (pictured above) that business owners use to attract visitors (SL Exchange post, pics)

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Thesis on in-game advertising

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